Sprat, the Journal of the GQRP Club
by Ron Chester ★ Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Near the end of July, I joined a new ham radio club, The GQRP Club, the legendary QRP club in the UK that was founded by Rev George C. Dobbs, G3RJV, in 1974 and run by him for 45 years until March 2019, when he became a Silent Key.  What amazing dedication to a worthy life work by a giant of ham radio!  

The annual dues for this club is $20 per year, the same as my ham club in Palo Alto, the Palo Alto Amateur Radio Association, or PAARA. Both clubs have regular paper newsletters. The UK journal, entitled Sprat Magazine, has always been well known for its focus on QRP construction projects. As a new member I was able to buy a thumb drive of all issues of Sprat from inception through 2020, a terrific collection of 184 issues in pdf files of helpful articles, great construction articles and a history of the development of radio technology over the course of many decades. That cost $15, an incredible bargain! The first issue was eight pages, the second was eleven pages, but many issues, if not most, had more than forty pages. Download an Excel file for an index to the complete run though Spring 2022. Memberships and sales of thumb drives for US residents are handled entirely by Dave Yarnes, W7AQK.