The Shack is Back
by Ron Chester ★ Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A bit over a month ago I wrote about Allied Radio & Heathkits. Around that same time I noticed that Radio Shack was beginning to show signs of life again, but I didn't mention it. Well now another blog has written about it, so maybe it will become a happening thing and indeed, their website says The Shack is Back. I always liked their solder and it is back.  And I can certainly imagine buying some of their prototyping boards, as where else could you go for those when you need them? Poke around their site and you quickly see that they have batteries again, cell phone accessories (but no name brand phones) and even Radio Shack apparel of all things. But shouldn't they be giving away free tee shirts to anyone willing to visit their website??  I will use them when they have something I need, because a world without Radio Shack is really missing something.  So let's give them some business and encourage them to prosper. Maybe it's an American thing to do.