Novice Rig Roundup
by Ron Chester ★ Thursday, March 4, 2021

Reading QRP-L tonight, I discovered that the 2021 Novice Rig Roundup has begun. It runs for two weeks and from reading about the previous year roundups, [2020], [2019] & [2018], it sounds like a lot of fun. I submitted an application for my own NRR number, which may take up to two days to receive.   

But the real question is whether I can find a working novice rig in my basement stash of gear. I would love to find my Heath DX-20 transmitter, but haven't seen it yet. But I do know where a box of old crystals is located, mostly for 40m. It would also be cool to find my Drake gear, especially my 2NT novice transmitter.  I will post an update if I succeed in making it on the air this year. If not, I definitely will next year. 

I would have started preparing much earlier if I had known, but better late than never!  Hey, it's nice to have a new purpose in life.