Software to Help Some Use CW
by Ron Chester ★ Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The N3FJP logging software I use most often has added a speech to Morse Code feature.  

Record Speech to be Able to Send CW Text

The software developer wrote:

One of our club members is no longer able to send CW manually (or type using a keyboard to send CW), so I added the ability to record text to send CW via speech to text. Press Ctrl K to record from your PC's mic input on the CW buffer form. This solution has all the limitations associated with text to speech, so it is by no means a perfect solution, but it at least provides an option to continue to engage in CW for those whose manual dexterity otherwise precludes it.

My thoughts:

I hope I will never need to use this feature, but I'm pleased that Scott decided to add it. I think there is a long tradition of CW being used to help disabled people to be able to communicate with others.